"BIMAGRIP"(anti skid system) safety product for vehicles and pedestrians.Long-life of surface condition.Easy maintenance.


Safety at work(loading and unloading)

The BIMAGRIP offers the Ship Owner,Port Manager a low profile skid resistant surface on Steel lamps and decks,which contributes to the safe and efficent loading and discharging of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in both wet and dry conditions. 

Safety for Cargo

Drivers feel the vibrations and wheel spin they drive on traditional metal anti-skid system.The installation of BIMAGRIP ,Drivers can drive safety and smoothly.The traditional anti-skid system's iron bars make to damage to vehicles and tire.BIMAGRIP solve above problems and keep loading and unloading operations safety.

High-performance based on formulated design

The BIMAGRIP surface is a selection of high grade abrasion resistant aggregates held together with a blend of specially formulated polyurethane resins,designed to give strenth,flexibility,and long life durability.

Corrosion protection

The BIMAGRIP resin system is fully impervious and encapsulates the steel surface to give it add corrosion protection,thereby extending the service of the steel itself.

Application records for PCTC(PCC)

Folloeing extensive trials in the early 1990's,application of BIMAGRIP in the new build sector became established.In 1997//8 the system was applied onto 4 new PCTC's constructed at DSME in Korea for Wallenius.Since then BIMAGRIP has been applied onto new build PCTC's for most major owners and operations,including LEIF,HOEGH,NYK LINE,MOL AP MOLLER,EUKOR & RAY SHIPPING.As of December 2009 over 60 such new buid vessels have been treated,as well as numerous RoRo's and Ropax  vessels.In JAPAN,BIMAGRIP system has been applied over 20 vessels since 2007.

Development to the future

RSClare & Company Limited is at the forefront in the development of new surfacing product for the marine industry,and BIMAGRIP is made in their Liverpool factory under the international Quality Standards ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001.

Bond Strengththe bond strength of BIMAGRIP resin to primed
Steel to BS EN 4624:2003
Abrasion resistantThe abrasion value of the aggregates to
BS 8/2 part 113:1990
Anti-skid resistantSkid and slip resistance for vehicle and
Pedestrain traffic as measured by the
Pendulum skid tester to BSEN 13036-4:2003.
Fire ResistantIMO Fire procedures code,Annex 1,Part6
And Prat 2.
Chemical resistantChemically resistant to degradation from petrol
Diesel, engine oils, and salt water.
System BiuildA set film thickness between 3.0mm and 7.00mm
Depending on the BIMAGRIP specification and
Aggregate selection.
Performance GuaranteeNo loss of performance charactaristics
For a minimum of one year.
Quality assurancebimagrip resins manufactured to ISO 9001
And ISO 14001
Aesthetically AttractiveTo give a visually,safe,functional appearance.
Functtional UseTo provide a safe,antiskid,durable surface
Solution to enable smooth loading and discharging
Of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
Ideal SitesRamps and decks on RoRo's:linkspans:pontoons
PCC:PTCT:ferries:off shore platforms:helipads:
Passenger gangways.
Ease of Maintenance
Extremely easy to maintain and repair.
Development to the future


Lloyd's Certificate_2021.2.18
Lloyd's Certificate_2021.2.18
Lloyd's Certificate_2021.2.18